Below are some answers to some frequenty asked questions that we receive:

Q: Can you do a design for me or do i have to supply what i want? If you can do a design what sort of cost am i looking at?
A: Yes we can do a design either based on what you have already (if this is the case) or we can do a fresh new design for you. Generally our design service is free unless it's a very time consuming design like a coach wrap. Every job we do is first designed and agreed by the customer before any vinyl is produced so you know what your getting for the cost of the job.

Q: Can you supply my logo so that i can give it to my website designer?
A: Yes we are more then happy to export your logo in various formats so that you get continuity of your logo.

Q: Do i have to come to you to get the vinyls fitted?
A: No. We have a clean fitting environment but we are happy to come to you. All we ask is that if the vinyls are going onto a vehicle then ideally it is undercover.

Q: What's your usual turnaround?
A: Our usual turnaround on a typical day to day job is 3 to 5 working days depending on our current workload.

Q: What are your prices like?
A: Very competitive. We would not have the customer base we have if we were expensive. We can work to almost any budget. We offer fixed prices on repeat or large projects so budgetting is made easier. If you add together our experience, ability, service and speed of production then you are getting a great package for a lot less then you would imagine.

Q: What's the quality of your vinyl like?
A. That's a simple one. All of our vinyls are UK branded.

Q: How do i go about getting a free design and quote?
A. Either my phone or email. Give us an idea of what you have in mind and let us go from there. See the 'Contact us' page for full details.

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